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Executive Function Mapping Project measures compendium: A resource for selecting measures related to executive function and other regulation-related skills in early childhood

The purpose of this Compendium is to provide information about the range of measures available to assess executive function (EF) and other regulation-related skills. The field of EF and other regulation-related research is broad, rapidly-growing, and encompasses many related but distinct skills and competencies (Jones, Bailey, Barnes, & Partee, 2016). The resources provided in this Compendium are designed to help researchers, program staff, child development specialists, and other professionals working in assessment and evaluation identify the measures that are most appropriate for the age, setting, and specific objectives of their work. The EF Mapping Project Measures Compendium aims to do three concrete things: first, align specific EF and regulation-related skills with the measures used to assess them; second, conduct an analysis of similarities and differences across 44 commonly-used measures; and third, compile information about the relevant psychometric properties of each measure. While the focus of this resource is ages 3-6 years old, the Compendium includes measures that span birth to adulthood, to highlight how assessments differ across the life span. The EF Mapping Project Measures Compendium is not a comprehensive or exhaustive list of all measures that assess EF and other regulation-related skills. The Compendium is designed to be illustrative of the types and range of measures that are commonly used, in order to demonstrate and clarify the various approaches to assessing this broad domain. (author abstract)
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