Data previously available from Research Connections are now available from the Child & Family Data Archive. Child care and early education research, publications and other resources remain on Research Connections.

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Resources Related To The Impact Of Covid-19 On Child Care And Early Education

This page includes links to resource lists that are relevant to the impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on child care and early education (CCEE). While some resources are less recent than others and some are not directly related to COVID-19, the topics are relevant to the pandemic’s ongoing impact on CCEE.

woman with black hair helping young child put on a face mask.

CCEE Resources Directly Related to COVID-19

This section includes resources directly related to COVID-19’s impact on components of the CCEE system (including the workforce, families, children, and agencies), and the CCEE system’s response to COVID-19.

|Resources from Research Connections

The Research Connections library includes resources that are directly related to COVID-19, including individual state and multi-state reports; strategies for supporting children, families, and providers; and peer-reviewed journal articles.

The Research Connections team compiled a bibliography of COVID-19-related resources (last updated in April 2020), which lists a sample of resources related to COVID-19.

The State & Local COVID-19 Reports page includes links to individual state and local reports, fact sheets, and briefs, as well as multi-state reports.

|Resources from the Office of Child Care

Office of Child Care COVID-19 Resources includes guidance and resources for CCDF Lead Agencies, families, and providers, including information on the CARES Act and the COVID-19 Legislation Guide for CCDF Administrators.

|Resources from the Office of Head Start

The Office of Head Start updates and maintains resources on COVID-19, including program guidance, Q&As, and resources on program management, operation, and supporting children and families.

|Resources from the Office of Early Childhood Development

The Office of Early Childhood Development includes information and resources regarding COVID-19 and federal agency COVID-19 links.