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Child Care and Early Education Policy Research Consortium

The Child Care and Early Education Policy Research Consortium (CCEEPRC), formerly the Child Care Policy Research Consortium (CCPRC), was created by the Administration for Children, Youth and Families (ACF) in 1995 to increase national capacity for sound child care research, identify and respond to critical issues, and link child care research with policy and practice. In 2015, to mark the 20th anniversary of the Consortium, members decided to change its name to better capture the growing integration in the early care and education field. The Consortium subsequently chose Child Care and Early Education Policy Research Consortium as its new name. Supported by the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) and the Office of Child Care (OCC), the CCEEPRC includes former and current grantees and contractors funded by ACF to conduct child care and early education policy-related research.

Annual Meetings

In partnership with Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation, CCEEPRC holds an annual research meeting that builds on in-depth roundtables and other activities throughout the year, and provides a forum for researchers and policymakers to investigate emerging research findings, questions, and methods that relate to improved outcomes for children and families. Child Care and Development Fund State Administrators, technical assistance partners, and Federal staff from other agencies and departments join with CCEEPRC members at the annual meeting to learn about emerging research findings, consider how the findings can be used to improve child care and early education policy and practice, and highlight new research questions and methodologies.

Research Connections supports and facilitates the work of CCEEPRC and assists in the collection and dissemination of research materials from annual Consortium meetings.

Consortium Annual Meeting Materials


The issues identified during the Consortium annual meeting help shape the activities of the CCEEPRC. This may include the creation of work groups or roundtables to deeply explore a particular child care policy-related research or methodological issue. The results of a workgroup or roundtable may include such things as proposed studies, literature reviews, and identification of products that need to be developed.

These are the current CCEEPRC workgroups: