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Ochshorn Susan, 2015
This book discusses early childhood policy in the United States in terms of its role in developing human capital for the country's future. The author illustrates issues in contemporary policymaking through commentary on news and research, stories…
Kagan Sharon Lynn, Gomez Rebecca E., 2015
Aimed toward blending theoretical and practical dimensions of governance and intended to be immediately germane to the burgeoning field of ECE, this volume includes essays by noted thoughtful scholars and progressive practitioners. The volume does…
Kagan Sharon Lynn, 2015
This chapter has tried to do several things. First, analytically, it advanced a thesis that repositions early childhood governance as important, interesting, and infinitely changing, rather than as the boring, immovable elephant whose presence looms…
Regenstein Elliot M., 2015
To advance an understanding of the different systems of governance, this chapter defines three major system models: coordination, consolidation, and creation. It then identifies the key goals that should underlie any governance system regardless of…
Gomez Rebecca E., 2015
In this chapter, I make a case for governance as the most important element of an ECE system by examining the strengths of governance, focusing on consolidated governance in particular. This argument is predicated on the results of a qualitative…
Dichter Harriet, 2015
This chapter details my experiences with developing an approach to governance for early learning in Pennsylvania, and uses insights gained in the process to reflect more broadly on the importance of consolidated approaches to governance for the…
Tarrant Kate, Schaack Diana, 2015
This chapter unpacks the relationship between QRIS and ECE governance structures to describe the ways in which QRIS may theoretically impact the overall ECE system and how greater attention to governance may strengthen QRIS. It begins with a…
Scott-Little Catherine, 2015
Standards that define expectations for programs and the individuals participating in them have become an increasingly important element of early care and education systems. The use of standards to define how early care and education services should…
Schultz Tom, 2015
This chapter argues that federal and state policymakers have created a framework of accountability policies with key structural defects and shortcomings. It then discusses the extent to which proposed reforms in early childhood governance are likely…
Cochenour Missy, Hebbeler Kathleen, 2015
This chapter examines the critical role that data governance plays in supporting overall early childhood governance in building an integrated data system. It provides an overview of key concepts in early childhood data governance including what it…
Grafwallner Rolf, 2015
A stable and sustainable financing strategy is key for early childhood systems development. Governance, as a key element in systems development, has, in some states, influenced revenue generation, distribution, and expansion in ways that enhance…
LeMoine Sarah, 2015
The governance of early childhood education, as this volume clearly indicates, is both complex and evolving. As a subsystem, PD systems are impacted by the overall early childhood education system governance. This chapter explores the relationships…
Rendon Thomas, 2015
Somewhat paradoxically, engaging families and communities in early childhood systems governance is both risky and essential. Involving them is risky because family and community involvement can be disruptive to the planning, decisionmaking, and…
Hibbard Susan, 2015
This chapter initiates a discussion of the relationships between governance, systemic advances in early childhood, and systems-building leadership. As will be illustrated, vision and leadership are necessary components for any governance system to…
Goffin Stacie G., Rous Beth, 2015
States' identification of governance-related roles and responsibilities as part of their Race to the Top--Early Learning Challenge applications sheds light on the complexity presently characterizing ECE governance. A review of nine state submissions…