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An evaluation of the implementation of Georgia's pre-k program: Report of the findings from the Georgia Early Childhood Study (2002-03)
Henry, Gary T.; Ponder, Bentley D.; Rickman, Dana K.; Mashburn, Andrew J.; Henderson, Laura W.; Gordon, Craig S.;

An assessment of the extent to which differences in implementation of Georgia full day, publicly subsidized Pre-K affects the development of enrolled four-year-olds

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The Georgia Early Childhood Study: 2001-2004: Final report [Executive summary]
Henry, Gary T.; Rickman, Dana K.; Ponder, Bentley D.; Henderson, Laura W.; Mashburn, Andrew J.; Gordon, Craig S.;

A summary of a study evaluating the social, language, physical, and cognitive development of the state's children from preschool to first grade in Georgia between 2001 and 2004

Executive Summary


Number Naming Subtest
Bryant, Donna M.;



Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing
Wagner, Richard K.; Torgesen, Joseph K.; Rashotte, Carol A.;



Oral and Written Language Scales
Carrow-Woolfolk, Elizabeth;



Report of the findings from the Early Childhood Study: 2001-02
Henry, Gary T.; Henderson, Laura W.; Ponder, Bentley D.; Gordon, Craig S.; Mashburn, Andrew J.; Rickman, Dana K.;

A study of the development of young children attending private and state-funded preschool programs under Georgia's prekindergarten initiative

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Name Writing Task
FACES Research Team


Story and Print Concepts
FACES Research Team


Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (3rd ed.)
Dunn, Lloyd M.; Dunn, Leota M.;

The third edition of a listening comprehension measure for spoken words in standard English, as well as a screening test of verbal ability for individuals aged 2 years, 5 months through 90 years or older