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Midwest Child Care Research Partnership
Raikes, Helen; Wilcox, Brian;

A partnership formed to establish a baseline of child care quality in the Midwest region using performance indicators, and to track changes in quality over time. The study addresses, in a large representative sample, questions concerning the quality of care that child care subsidies are buying, and includes parent surveys and focus groups conducted to better understand parent perceptions of child care quality. The work is linked with Early Head Start research and evaluation in three States (Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri) as well as to a Missouri study of quality in over 500 early childhood settings, and builds on small but important studies within the Midwest region. The performance indicators, data collection strategy and technology are intended for transfer to the States so that they can track quality of care through their subsidized child care programs.

Administration for Children and Families/OPRE Projects


Midwest Child Care Research Consortium Parent Subsidy Interview
Midwest Child Care Research Consortium


Midwest Child Care Research Consortium Parent Interview
Midwest Child Care Research Consortium


Parent perceptions of child care choice and quality in four states [Executive summary]
Raikes, Helen; Wilcox, Brian; Peterson, Carla A.; Hegland, Susan M.; Atwater, Jane; Summers, Jean Ann; Thornburg, Kathy R.; Scott, Jacqueline L. (Jackie); Torquati, Julia C.; Edwards, Carolyn Pope;

A summary of a study on parents’ child care perceptions and decision-making factors and processes in Iowa, Kansas Missouri and Nebraska

Executive Summary


Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (Rev. ed.)
Harms, Thelma; Clifford, Richard M.; Cryer, Debby;

A revised version of the original ECERS, designed to assess the quality of environments in preschool, kindergarten, and child care programs for children ages 2.5 to 5 years



Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale
Harms, Thelma; Cryer, Debby; Clifford, Richard M.;

A scale for the assessment of center-based child care programs for infants and toddlers up to 30 months of age



Family Day Care Rating Scale
Harms, Thelma; Clifford, Richard M.;

A scale for the assessment of quality in home based family child care



Caregiver Interaction Scale
Arnett, Jeffrey;

A scale for measurement of the quality of caregivers' interactions with children