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How is Welfare Reform Influencing Child Care Supply and Parental Choices?: Monitoring Change in California, Connecticut and Florida
Boots, Shelley Waters;

A project carried out as a three-state consortium consisting of the California Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) Network, the University of California, Yale University, and the Florida Children's Forum, along with state- and community-level agencies and organizations. The project addresses five basic questions: (1) How is the availability of licensed child care changing as state governments in California and Florida seek to expand supply?; (2) What is the impact of these changes on the overall quality of licensed child care?; (3) How are welfare families in Connecticut selecting different types of care?; (4) How are these decisions related to children's early learning and development?; and (5) How do the contextual dynamics of child care supply within the community affect family decisions?

Administration for Children and Families/OPRE Projects


Child-Caregiver Observation System
Boller, Kimberly; Sprachman, Susan;



Growing Up in Poverty Project 
Fuller, Bruce;

A longitudinal study of the effects of mothers moving from welfare-to-work on their economic well-being, home environment, child care quality and use, and their young children's early development

Major Research Projects

Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (3rd ed.)
Dunn, Lloyd M.; Dunn, Leota M.;

The third edition of a listening comprehension measure for spoken words in standard English, as well as a screening test of verbal ability for individuals aged 2 years, 5 months through 90 years or older



Family Day Care Rating Scale
Harms, Thelma; Clifford, Richard M.;

A scale for the assessment of quality in home based family child care



Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale
Harms, Thelma; Clifford, Richard M.;

A measure for the assessment of the quality of environments in preschool, kindergarten, and child care programs, for children ages 2 years, 5 months to 5 years



Caregiver Interaction Scale
Arnett, Jeffrey;

A scale for measurement of the quality of caregivers' interactions with children