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Needs assessment: Preschool Development Grant Birth-5

1. How many children are being served by X program? 2. What is the number of children awaiting services in X program? 3. Among children eligible for X service, what percentage participate? 4. Does service participation vary by geography? 5. Do children effectively and efficiently transition to services over time? 6. Does participation in program X predict outcome Y? 7. Does participation in program X1 , X2 , and X3 predict different outcomes than participation in any one service? The aforementioned questions identified by the SAC guided the process of data acquisition, and using the best available data and information, guided the PDG Birth-Five needs assessment. The description of services and supports available and accessed by families in Florida are described in the following sections of the report. While the Early Childhood Data Repository is under construction, the PDG Birth-5 needs assessment team relied on data and information contained in the Early Childhood Needs Assessment Portal (ECENA) and other data that are publicly available through state and federal reporting processes (e.g. US Census, Office of Head Start, Florida Charts). (author abstract)
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