Child Care and Early Education Research Connections

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A collaborative exchange to improve early childhood education outcomes

International collaborative research has great value in helping each of the participant’s view their respective situations from novel and various perspectives. When people involved in the same work tackle problems from different perspectives, new awareness arises, and innovative solutions are created. Kagawa University and Colorado State University have conducted excellent research exchanges in the field of early childhood education based on their international exchange agreements. As the trend in Japan towards nuclear families continues in tandem with Japan’s aging society and low childbirth rate, a number of parents and guardians are becoming increasingly isolated and unsure of how to raise their children. The process of introducing a new childcare support system based on Japan’s national policies and the problems Japanese regional prefectural governments face in early childhood education were clarified through exchanges between Kagawa University and Colorado State University. By sharing information and giving an overview concerning efforts and successful cases in Japan and the U.S., mutual clues were found for problem analysis and problem solving. This research analyzed the factors for constructive interaction and provided clues for the problems highlighted by the results. It enabled several researchers in Kagawa who have experience in this field, overseas as well as locally, and those at the prefectural level involved as leaders in professional guidance in this field of childcare, to understand the current situation and trends for childcare in the U.S. This has the potential to lead to improvements in the quality of childcare and the training of teachers in Japan. It also put forward a direction and recommendations for development in international collaborative research. (author abstract)
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