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Child care in 25 states: What we know and don't know: Quantifying the supply of, potential need for, and gaps in child care across the country

This report, accompanied by an interactive map, describes BPC's mapping methodology, insights gleaned from the data collection process that states can use to optimize the ways they collect supply data, and national findings on the gap in child care according to geographic location and socioeconomic factors across the country. The report also includes an important discussion about the further need to fully understand parents' child care choices at the national and local level in order to accurately apply these findings to policy decisions. The present analysis measured the supply of, need for, and gap in child care in 25 states prior to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. BPC's complete 50-state analysis was cut short by the national emergency. A national parent survey conducted by BPC and Morning Consult in August 2020 indicates that child care supply and parent child care preferences will look different as the nation recovers from the effects of the virus. Thus, BPC plans to conduct a subsequent post-COVID-19 analysis to measure changes in child care access from before and after the crisis. However, when there are changes to the system, the availability of child care access data is even more important. BPC believes that the data collection lessons, child care gap findings, and new parent choice data discussed in this report can provide critical information to inform child care policy decisions that will effectively help the system recover. (author abstract)
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United States
Wyoming; West Virginia; Wisconsin; Washington; Vermont; Utah; Texas; South Carolina; Pennsylvania; Nebraska; North Dakota; North Carolina; Montana; Michigan; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Kansas; Indiana; Illinois; Idaho; Iowa; California; Arizona; Alabama

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