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Balancing work with school and training while raising young children: A national portrait of young parents, their schedules, and children's care arrangements [Executive summary]

Recent research has examined the growing trend of parents who seek education and training opportunities to achieve higher earnings, greater employee benefits such as health care, and more financial stability (Adams, Spaulding, and Heller 2015; National Women's Law Center 2015). In the past 20 years, the number of student parents has grown by over 1 million (IWPR 2018). Additional research suggests a growing and significant number of parents both work and attend school (Spaulding, Derrick-Mills, and Callan 2016). Many of them are young parents who face unique challenges as they raise children while still developing themselves and do so with insufficient resources, supports, and life experience (Sick, Spaulding, and Park 2018). This report adds to that literature by focusing on young parents who are both working and going to school (Eyster, Callan, and Adams 2014; Spaulding, Derrick-Mills, and Callan 2016). We aim to understand the prevalence of children born to young parents (ages 16 to 24), the characteristics of these children and their families, and the implications for child care when parents both work and advance their skills and education to get ahead in the labor market. (author abstract)
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