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Medical home-Head Start partnership to promote early learning for low-income children

Objective. To improve Early Head Start/Head Start (EHS/HS) screening, referral, and enrollment for children from diverse, low-income communities. Method. Using existing resources, we built a pediatric clinic-Head Start partnership. Key steps included (1) screening protocol and tracking system, (2) a community partner as a single point of referral contact, (3) provider education, and (4) monthly outcome reporting. A pre- and post-cross-sectional study design was used to evaluate outcomes, with medical chart review conducted for all wellness visits among children aged 0 to 4 years pre- and postintervention. Results. The preintervention group included 223 patients. The postintervention group included 235 patients. EHS/HS screening improved significantly after the intervention, rising from 8% in the preintervention period to 46% in the postintervention period (odds ratio [OR] 10.5, 95% confidence interval [CI] [5.9, 19.4]). EHS/HS documented referral rates increased from 1% in the preintervention period to 20% in the postintervention period (OR 18.3, 95% CI [5.7, 93.6]). Thirty-two of the 42 patients in the postintervention group referred to EHS/HS were reached to determine enrollment status. Six children (14%) had enrolled in EHS/HS. Conclusion. With use of existing resources, a medical home-Head Start partnership can build an integrated system that significantly improves screening and referral rates to early learning programs. (author abstract)
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