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Parents and the high cost of child care: 2017 report

This edition of Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2017 is a slimmer, more cost-focused report than in previous years. As we continue to dive into child care costs around the country and to explore the true cost of child care, we know that one report is no longer sufficient. Throughout 2017, we will dive deeper into the effects of child care costs on families of infants and toddlers, families of children with special needs, single parents, and child care providers. In this report, we focus in on the importance of child care as a workforce support; high-quality child care yields a multi-fold return on investment in long-term outcomes for children, families, business, and our economy. As in year's past, we provide the average cost of care for each state and the percent of median income married and single parents pay for child care. Costs and affordability percentages are reported for center-based and family child care; top 10 rankings are provided within the body of this report and all rankings, reported costs, and affordability percentages are provided in the Appendix document. Costs and affordability by child care type and household have been included in the interactive Cost of Child Care map on our web site. In addition, county-level data have been included in the interactive map for seven states: Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Hampshire. (author abstract)
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