Impacts of early childhood education on medium- and long-term educational outcomes

Resource Type: Reports & Papers
Author(s): McCoy, Dana Charles; Yoshikawa, Hirokazu; Ziol-Guest, Kathleen M.; Duncan, Greg J.; Schindler, Holly S.; Magnuson, Katherine A.; Yang, Rui; Koepp, Andrew; Shonkoff, Jack P.;
Date Issued: November, 2017
Description: Despite calls to expand early childhood education (ECE) in the United States, questions remain regarding its medium- and long-term impacts on educational outcomes. We use meta-analysis of 22 high-quality experimental and quasi-experimental studies conducted between 1960 and 2016 to find that on average, participation in ECE leads to statistically significant reductions in special education placement (d = 0.33 SD, 8.1 percentage points) and grade retention (d = 0.26 SD, 8.3 percentage points) and increases in high school graduation rates (d = 0.24 SD, 11.4 percentage points). These results support ECE's utility for reducing education-related expenditures and promoting child well-being. (author abstract)
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Funder(s): Institute of Education Sciences (U.S.) ; National Institutes of Health (U.S.) ; National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (U.S.)
Journal Title: Educational Researcher
Volume Number: 46
Issue Number: 8
Page Range: 474-487
Note: This resource is also based on data from CA Head Start Follow-Up, Charlotte Bright Beginnings (CBB) Pre-K Evaluation, Chicago Parent Center (CPC), Currie and Thomas NLSCM Fixed Effect Study, Duluth Summer Head Start, Early Training Project (ETP), Effects of Subsidized Daycare Versus Head Start Versus No Preschool, Georgia Pre-K Program, Home-Oriented Preschool Education (HOPE), Howard University Preschool Program, Infant Health and Development Program (IHDP), Michigan School Readiness Program Longitudinal Evaluation, NJ Abbott Pre-K, OEO Head Start Regression Discontinuity Study, Preschool Readiness Centers in St. Louis, Perry Preschool, Third Even Start Evaluation, Tulsa CAP Head Start, and Yale Child Welfare Research Program.
Topics: Parent, School, & Community School Readiness/Child School Success & Performance > School Performance & Success
Country: United States
ISSN: 0013-189X Paper
1935-102X Online
Peer Reviewed: yes
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