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Strengthening Families in Head Start: the Impact of Parent Participation in Education and Training Programs on Children's Social Competence and Emotional Well-Being

This study will investigate the effects of Fortalecerse, an adult development program for Head Start parents, on the social competence and behavior problems of Latino preschool children. The study will address the following research questions: (1) Does participation in a parent education and training program within Head Start influence self-development in Latino parents? (2) Does participation in a parent education and training program within Head Start affect the level of depression of Latino parents? (3) Do changes in self-development and depression have an impact on the social competence of their Head Start children? and (4) Do changes in self-development and depression have an impact on the behavioral problems of their children? In Fall 2000, 30 children and their families will participate in the study; 30 additional children and their families will participate in the study in Fall 2001. To measure baseline data in the Fall, parents will complete three questionnaires that will assess their ego-development and depression as well as their children's social and behavioral problems, and teachers will complete two child assessment questionnaires. In the fall 2001, two new measures will be added to measure parental competence, the impact of life events and parenting stress. Parents will be assigned to the experimental group or to the control group (waiting list). Parents and children in both groups will receive Head Start services. Families in the experimental group will participate in Fortalecerse, a program designed to provide comprehensive training and education to parents in areas related to ESL, Computers, Child Development Associate and Literacy. In the Spring, experimental and control groups will be reassessed using the same measures. Individual and group differences over time will be investigated using variance tests, and statistically significant group-by-time interactions will be conducted to locate group differences in the equality of pre- to post-intervention change. Results will provide additional information on the presence of behavioral and emotional problems in minority preschoolers and their families and on the strengths that help families cope. In addition, service providers and policy makers will be informed on how to best help Latino families to meet their goals and promote wellness and mental health.
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