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The integration of symbolic and non-symbolic representations of exact quantity in preschool children

Resource Type: Reports & Papers
Author(s): Lira, Carolina Jimenez; Carver, Miranda; Douglas, Heather; LeFevre, Jo-Anne;
Date Issued: September, 2017
Description: Preschoolers (n = 62) completed tasks that tapped their knowledge of symbolic and non-symbolic exact quantities, their ability to translate among different representations of exact quantity (i.e., digits, number words, and non-symbolic quantities), and their non-symbolic, digit, and spoken number comparison skills (e.g., which is larger, 2 or 4?). As hypothesized, children's knowledge about non-symbolic exact quantities, spoken number words, and digits predicted their ability to map between symbolic and non-symbolic exact quantities. Further, their knowledge of the mappings between digits and non-symbolic quantities predicted symbolic number comparison (i.e., of spoken number words or written digits). Mappings between written digits and non-symbolic exact quantities developed later than the other mappings. These results support a model of early number knowledge in which integration across symbolic and non-symbolic representations of exact quantity underlies the development of children's number comparison skills. (author abstract)
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Funder(s): Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada ; Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (Mexico)
Journal Title: Cognition
Volume Number: 166
Issue Number:
Page Range: 382-397
Topics: Children & Child Development > Child Development & School Readiness > Early Math/Numeracy

International Child Care & Early Education > Single-Country Studies
Country: Canada
ISSN: 0010-0277 Paper
1873-7838 Online
Peer Reviewed: yes
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