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Research-to-Policy Resource List: Early care and education supports for young children experiencing homelessness

Resource Type: Bibliographies
Author(s): Park, Soo; Stephens, Samuel A.;
Date Issued: July, 2015
Publisher(s): Child Care & Early Education Research Connections
Description: Research Connections conducted a comprehensive search of its collection for resources focused on supporting children 0 to 6 years experiencing homelessness through early childhood education programs. Key words used in the search were homeless children and families, homeless children, housing instability, homeless preschool children, children experiencing homelessness, and trauma. This Research-to-Policy Resource List includes an overview and listing of selected resources from the literature from the years 2000-2014. Resources of various types --reports, research articles, and reviews -- are included. Based on the search results, resources are grouped into the following categories: Prevalence of Homelessness among Young Children; Experience and Impact of Homelessness for Young Children; Access to Early Care and Education for Children Experiencing Homelessness; Early Care and Education Programs and Practices that Support Children Experiencing Homelessness; Addressing Trauma Associated with Homelessness for Young Children (author abstract)

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