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Resource use of rural low-income families caring for children with disabilities

Resource Type: Reports & Papers
Author(s): Powell, Sharon E.; Bauer, Jean W.
Date Issued: March 2010
Description: An examination of rural low-income families resource use to find and maintain employment and child care from data from 26 families caring for children with disabilities from the Rural Families Speak project, a 14-state longitudinal study to assess changes in well being and functioning of low-income rural families in the context of welfare reform
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Journal Title: Journal of Children & Poverty
Volume Number: 16
Issue Number: 1
Page Range: 67-83
Topics: Children & Child Development > Children with Special Needs & Special Child Populations > Children with Special Needs

Parents & Families
Country: United States
ISSN: 1469-9389 Online
1079-6126 Paper
Peer Reviewed: yes
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