Research Connections offers both research data suitable for further analysis and statistical results generated from public sources. We use the term "research data" to refer to the coded responses from each respondent, documentation that provides the original questions asked, and discussions of complex statistical methods. In order to make use of this data, you will need statistical software and a good understanding of statistical methodology.

Analyze Data Online

Many datasets available for download through Research Connections are also available for online analysis through a system that allows you to run both simple and complex analyses, recode and compute new variables, and subset variables or cases for downloading. Visit this section to learn more about analyzing data online through Research Connections.

Variable Search

This tool allows you to search for variables in datasets that are available directly from Research Connections. Please note that not all of the Research Connections datasets are available yet for variable-level searching. Search results may be viewed individually, or in the context of the study and/or series to which they belong.

Browse Variables

State Data Tools

State data tools, available through our partner organization, NCCP, can be used to view and compare state profiles and Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) policies, as well as other policies to assist low-income children and families; to build custom tables on CCDF policies, other policies, and state demographics; and to model the impact of child care assistance and family child care choices on the resources and expenses of hypothetical families. Links to other relevant 50-state databases are also provided here.

Statistical Sources

Statistical Sources provides external links to summary statistical information, including demographics, economic conditions, early care and education, and programs and policies.

Additional Resources