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100 children turn 10: A longitudinal study of literacy development from the year prior to school to the first four years of school
Hill, Susan, 2002
(2 Vols.). Canberra: Australia Department of Education, Science and Training.

A longitudinal study into the development of children?s literacy skills from the year prior to school entry through fourth grade, based on a sample of 100 children followed for five years from four sites across Australia

Reports & Papers

2002 Child Care Licensing Study
Children's Foundation, 2002
Washington, DC: Children's Foundation

Reports & Papers

Abbot Community Child Care Programs: A new role in special education
Rice, Cynthia, December, 2002
(ACNJ Special Report). Newark, NJ: Association for Children of New Jersey.

An outline of the procedure to be followed when a preschool teacher suspects a child may have special needs in the New Jersey child care centers affected by the Abbot v. Burke decision

Fact Sheets & Briefs

Academic achievement programs and youth development: A synthesis
Redd, Zakia, 2002
Washington, DC: Child Trends.

A study evaluating the impact of after-school, community-based academic oriented youth programs as it relates to improving child development and educational outcomes


Addressing disruptive behaviors in the preschool classroom: An adaptation of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) for Head Start teachers
Collett, Brent R., 2002
Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Utah State University, Logan

A study describing the development, implementation, and evaluation of an early intervention program designed to improve teaching strategies and practices for Head Start children with behavioral problems

Reports & Papers

Advocating early childhood education for all: Some thoughts on shaping the political context
Mintrom, Michael, 2002
Albany, NY: Winning Beginning NY.

A discussion of possible strategies to be used to advocate for the improvement of access to quality early childhood education and care programs


After-school programs: An update of the need, the benefits, and public opinion
The After-School Corporation, 2002
New York: The After-School Corporation.

An examination of the need for, benefits of and public opinions about after school programs, including a presentation of findings from research reports on related education, social work, criminal justice, and public opinion issues


After-school programs: An update of the need, the benefits, and public opinion [Executive summary]
The After-School Corporation, 2002
New York: The After-School Corporation.

A summary of an examination of the need for, benefits of and public opinions about after-school programs, including a presentation of findings from research reports on related education, social work, criminal justice, and public opinion issues

Executive Summary

Ages & Stages Questionnaire: Social-Emotional
Squires, Jane, 2002
Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes Publishing


Alameda Child Development Corps: Year 1 qualitative implementation study report
Caspary, Kyra, 2002
Berkeley: Policy Analysis for California Education.

An implementation evaluation of the first year of the Alameda County Child Development Corp program to increase professional development and retention among child care workers.

Reports & Papers

America's child care problem: The way out
Helburn, Suzanne W., 2002
New York: Palgrave


American voters: Afterschool must remain a priority
Afterschool Alliance, 2002
(Afterschool Alert Poll Report No.3). Washington, DC: Afterschool Alliance. (No longer accessible as of September 18, 2013).

A discussion of results from the Afterschool Alliance 2002 nationwide poll of 800 registered voters on the need for after school programming in the United States

Fact Sheets & Briefs

An analysis of an after-school service-learning program for elementary school children
Tannenbaum, Sally C., 2002
Unpublished doctoral dissertation, California State University, Fresno

A investigation of the impact of Dare to Dream, a service-learning program, on elementary school children's academic achievements, social behavior, and attitudes as compared with these characteristics of children who participated in other after-school programs

Reports & Papers

An analysis of a public school prekindergarten Montessori bilingual program
Rodriguez, Linda, 2002
Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

An analysis of second grade reading achievement scores of Spanish and English norm-referenced tests between children who participated in a Montessori bilingual program and those that attended a traditional bilingual program

Reports & Papers

Are we leaving them behind?: The case for helping childcare providers and parents address behavioral problems in very young children
Jewish Healthcare Foundation, 2002
Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh, School of Education, Office of Child Development.

A study of the status of behavioral health services available to children from birth to age five in early care and education settings in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Reports & Papers

Assessing the benefits of an after-school program for urban youth: An impact and process evaluation
Lauver, Sherri, 2002
Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

A process analysis and impact evaluation of the effects on academic and social outcomes of a public school-based after school program for urban young adolescents, based on observations, student focus groups, in-depth staff interviews, and parent and student surveys

Reports & Papers

Assessing Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) investments in child care quality
Porter, Toni, 2002
New York: Bank Street College of Education, Institute for a Child Care Continuum. (No longer accessible as of August 16, 2012)

A catalog, directory, and report on the evaluations of 104 local and state child care quality improvement initiatives funded through the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF)

Reports & Papers

Assessment Evaluation and Programming System for Infants & Children (2nd ed.)
Bricker, Diane D., 2002
Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.

Questions address physical and mental conditions affecting the respondent, the use of mobility aids, vision and hearing impairments, speech difficulties, lifting and aerobic difficulties, and the ability to function independently within the home. Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) are not necessary for fundamental functioning, but they let an individual live independently in a community: Doing light housework, preparing meals, taking medications, shopping for groceries or clothes, using the telephone, managing money, and using technology


Assessment: Profiling literacy with young indigenous children
Connor, Jenni, 2002
Practically Primary, 7(2), 27-29

A summary of results from a study examining the reliability and validity of a preschool profile tool designed to assess factors that influence early literacy development of young, Australian, indigenous children


The attitudes of early childhood teachers toward gender roles and toward discipline
Tantekin-Erden, Feyza, 2002
Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Florida State University, Tallahassee

An examination of teachers’ attitudes toward gender roles and discipline of male and female students, based on a sample of 131 early childhood teachers

Reports & Papers

Attitudes toward cultural diversity, attitudes toward multicultural education and communication effectiveness in early education centers
Henderson, Tanya Bender, 2002
Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Howard University, Washington, DC

An examination of early childhood education program directors' attitudes toward cultural diversity and multicultural education in the educational environments in which they work

Reports & Papers

Babies and bosses: Reconciling work and family life: Vol. 1. Australia, Denmark and the Netherlands
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2002
Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

An examination of ways in which tax and benefit policies, child care policy, and employment and workplace practices in Australia, Denmark, and the Netherlands affect parents trying to balance work and family life

Reports & Papers

Balancing Work and Family During Children's First Three Years
Bozzi, Laurie, 2002
Harvard University

A secondary analysis of data from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Study of Early Child Care, consisting of two phases. Phase one explores the relationship between mothers' number of work hours and responsiveness to their children, and how this relationship is moderated by child care quality. Phase two examines how employed mothers balance work and family roles, and how the two are moderated by child care quality.

Administration for Children and Families/OPRE Projects

Barriers to child care subsidies: Why subsidies are often not used
Shlay, Anne B., 2002
In C. J. Groark, K. E. Mehaffie, R. B. McCall, M. T. Greenberg, & Universities Children's Policy Collaborative (Eds.), From science to policy: Research on issues, programs and policies in early care and education. Harrisburg: Pennsylvania Governor's Task Force on Early Childhood Education (no longer accessible as of August 2, 2013).

A discussion of barriers to child care policy participation in the United States


Barriers to subsidies: Reasons why low income families do not use child care subsidies
Shlay, Anne B., 2002
Philadelphia: Temple University, Center for Public Policy.

An investigation into the factors responsible for non-use of child care subsidies among subsidy-eligible families, based on a survey of 196 subsidy-eligible low income African American parents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Reports & Papers

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