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The price of school readiness: A tool for estimating the cost of universal preschool in the states
Golin, Stacie, 2004
(IWPR Publication No. G713). Washington, DC: Institute for Women's Policy Research.

A model designed to estimate the cost of a state-based, voluntary, universal prekindergarten program by combining the direct service and indirect costs associated with quality early childhood education, in order to approximate the annual total cost of program delivery


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A tale of two methods: Comparing regression and instrumental variables estimates of the effects of preschool child care type on the subsequent externalizing behavior of children in low-income families
Crosby, Danielle A., September 2010
Developmental Psychology, 46(5), 1030-1048

A comparison of ordinary least squares regression and instrumental variable analysis, two analytic methods for the estimation of relationships between child care type and externalizing problems, in order to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of each, and an analysis of the relationship between child developmental and different care settings for children in low-income, single-mother families


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