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Child care selection under welfare reform: How mothers balance work requirements and parenting
Mensing, James; Fuller, Bruce; Kagan, Sharon Lynn; et al., 2000
Early Education and Development, 11(5), 573-595

An examination of factors affecting the child care decisions of mothers participating in welfare to work programs

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Growing Up in Poverty Project 
Fuller, Bruce,
Berkeley, CA: Policy Analysis for California Education

A longitudinal study of the effects of mothers moving from welfare-to-work on their economic well-being, home environment, child care quality and use, and their young children's early development

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Remember the children: Mothers balance work and child care under welfare reform: Growing Up in Poverty Project 2000: Wave 1 findings: California, Connecticut, Florida [Executive summary]
Fuller, Bruce; Kagan, Sharon Lynn; Cohen, Nancy E.; et al., 2000
Berkeley: Policy Analysis for California Education.

A study of the impact of welfare reform on the upbringing and development job based on detailed information of 948 baseline families spread across three states

Executive Summary

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