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The just city for whom?: Re-conceiving active citizenship for lone mothers in Canada
Gurstein, Penny, August 2010
Gender, Place and Culture, 17(4), 421-436

A discussion of the structural impediments to active citizenship of marginalized people, including difficulties in finding child care, based on examples from a longitudinal qualitative study of lone mothers in extreme poverty in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



Local childcare cultures: Moral geographies of mothering and the social organization of pre-school education
Holloway, Sarah L., 1998
Gender, Place and Culture, 5(1), 29-53

An empirical investigation of the ways in which motherís attitudes to their childrenís educational development and their strategies for accessing non-parental care are jointly shaped within the context of different local childcare cultures in the United Kingdom

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Shift work, childcare and domestic work: Divisions of labour in Canadian paper mill communities
Preston, Valerie, 2000
Gender, Place and Culture, 7(1), 5-29

An examination of the influence of rotating shift work on the division of labor in child care and domestic work for the households of mill-workers in three Canadian communities

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